Take a deep breath! Breathe in and breathe out. Now, doesn’t that feel nice. I am always a little scared that the alarm will not go off and I will not be able to get up in time to get ahead of the rat race that ensues every morning in my household.

Get up and go to the gym. The only time I get to myself. Missing the “me time” is what I am scared of most. So that alarm better go off at the set time, else I will have a very cranky me on my hands and it will not be pretty.

Once the sacred me time is over, it is time to get on the hamster wheel. Breakfast CHECK. Lunch boxes for the little humans in my house CHECK. If I am really lucky lunch for myself…. doubtful :(
Here comes, SLOW COOKER to the rescue….. Get the lunch started at night, or make enough sauces before hand which could be used at a later point in the week to make a quick curry, or pizza or spaghetti.
Here on this site you will find recipes for slow cooked meals. Some new, some old, some exotic and some that bring comfort as only a old childhood favorite can.